The Road to Rio: Muslim Hands & Street Child World Cup


Kicking off today, street children from across five continents have been given the chance to come together to compete in a 10 day football tournament.

In an effort make a difference to the lives of street children, Muslim Hands has sponsored children living on the streets of Pakistan and the Philippines to form youth football teams who have been flown out to the footballing nation of Brazil.

Whilst in the home of football, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, these street children alongside 230 others representing their native countries will be grabbing the global media limelight asserting their right to say “I am Somebody.” 9 girls teams and 15  boys teams (aged 14-17) are competing to be proud ambassadors for millions of children back home.

A Muslim Hands team headed by Programmes Manager, Irfan Khan will be heading out to Brazil on Tuesday morning to meet the youth teams and take part in promoting the competition.

Programmes Manager, Irfan Khan said:

“This footballing project is helping to put street children on the map and raise awareness of a global issue which Muslim Hands is very passionate about.

“Football is being used as a means to reach out to these children, enabling them to raise in confidence and leave them feeling inspired.”

Whilst in Brazil the children will have a platform to tell their stories through arts and cultural exchanges, and in a special Global Street Child Conference – their first ever by and for street children. This youth participation conference is the only time street children from around the world come together to identify and discuss the issues that affect them most. They will write and deliver the ‘Rio Rights Declaration’ to governments outlining what needs to be done to help our world’s street children.

Arslan Nusrat, Muslim Hands’ Partnership Manager believes:

“ By joining hands with Street Child United we are campaigning for street children to have a safer future free from fear, free from neglect and free from abuse..”

Muslim Hands wishes all the teams the very best in the competition.

Motherkind: Empowering By Educating



Above: Women line up to be seen by the midwife at the Motherkind Clinic.

Qualified female staff are essential to the running of our Motherkind Clinic in the Puleh Charki District of Afghanistan as many husbands will not permit their wives to use the health facility if staffed by males.

For those that do attend, modesty prevails. For those who are unable to attend due to social restrictions we educate and train local women in the community to help provide women with maternal healthcare on household visits. Alhamdulillah, this has meant approximately 137 women a month are visiting the clinic and benefiting from maternal healthcare. For an area where maternal healthcare was unheard of this is a milestone in reducing maternal deaths.
Please support our Motherkind campaign to continue providing these basic healthcare necessities to women in Afghanistan:

Muslim Hands: Charity of the Year

Charity of the year 1

Above: Brother Yasrab and brother Taukir from the MH Special Programmes Department collect the Charity of the Year Award on behalf of all at Muslim Hands.

Muslim Hands was awarded Charity of the Year at the British Muslim Awards Ceremony last night. We truly believe this is an award which should be celebrated by all of our wonderful volunteers, budding participants, committed supporters, dedicated donors and staff worldwide.

There’s still much to be done to help the poor and needy but by acting together for the needy we can make a difference, insha’Allah.

May Allah (swt) guide us all and enable us to help the poor and needy to the best of our abilities whilst keeping our intentions sincere. May He reward everyone’s efforts immensely. Ameen!

For more information about Muslim Hands, please visit our website:

An Ambulance Aid Service in Pakistan

ambulance inauguration pic

Above: The official opening of the Ambulance Aid service in Pakistan.

Muslim Hands has officially launched a first-of-its-kind ambulance service for impoverished people living in the District of Rawalpindi and surrounding areas.

The ambulance service will provide a round the clock pre-hospital emergency transportation service to a region where they are normally inaccessible.

This special project which consists of 20 well-equipped ambulances will drastically improve medical & healthcare services in the area by focusing primarily on accident & emergency situations for e.g, accidents, cardiac arrest,  expectant women, neonates and all other emergencies.

Why is the project focused on the District of Rawalpindi?

  • In rural villages across the District of Rawalpindi, families are suffering from devastatingly high maternal mortality rates due to inaccessible transport and lengthy delays in treatment
  • According to official statistics 6,210 road accidents have been reported in the District of Rawalpindi. Many of the injured victims die a preventable death at the scene or in the first few hours due to a lack of pre-medical emergency services
  • Almost 86.5 out of 1000 acutely ill children die every year in Pakistan due to inaccessible pre-medical emergency services and inefficient medical care

Studies have found that patients from remote rural areas who have been referred one of the District of Rawalpindi’s four main hospitals are most vulnerable. Unable to access medical transport or pay for a taxi, they rely on charitable bystanders in private cars to reach the hospitals. Often, with no transport available many have no choice but to travel on foot for miles to receive the treatment they require.

Under the current circumstances expectant mothers and young children are especially vulnerable. Their health is often affected due to inaccessible transport which results in their treatment being delayed.

Muslim Hands intends on focusing the service on such people in villages across the District of Rawalpindi to provide an accessible and efficient medical emergency service.

For the ill, sick and injured of Rawalpindi this fleet of 20 ambulances will help save lives, insha’Allah.

Insha’Allah upon the successful completion of this project we would like to extend this service to other areas of the developing world where there exists a need for emergency medical transport.

Help Give Some Warmth This Winter

Winter Appeal MH 13 - NEW V.2-01-01-01-01

Above: Muslim Hands launches its Winter Appeal campaign providing essential items such as blankets, winter clothing and heating fuel to the poor and needy

We’ve all been feeling the chill since winter announced its arrival recently. The good news is that for most of us, we can ward off the ill-effects by simply wrapping up warm and turning up the heating.

But for millions of displaced Syrians inside the country and living in camps on the Turkey and Lebanon border, it’s not so simple.They’re facing the onslaught of the worst winter in years and extreme cold without warm clothes and blankets, a lack of access to food and inadequate shelter and heating.

Muslim Hands teams are on the ground working hard to reach Syrians in need and distribute vital supplies to help protect them through the winter.

You can help to save lives by supporting our Winter Appeal

On The Ground: Mobilising and Coordinating Vital Aid

From our operational base in Cebu island,  the MH Emergency Relief team sent from the UK have begun to mobilise and coordinate the provision of vitally needed supplies of food, water and plastic sheeting for shelter to hundreds of affected families in the devastated northern region of the island.

Speaking to us from the devastated Northern region of Cibu island, Muslim Hands Emergency Relief Project Manager said:

“The devastation is absolutely overwhelming. We drove through 30 miles of destruction where once homes and schools stoods. Families are sat at the side of the main road waving at passing cars with homemade signs “please we need food and water” and many similar messages.


We must help. There is so much to do and such an urgent need.”

In pictures

Have a look through some of the scenes witnessed by the Muslim Hands Emergency Relief team as they assessed the level of damage in some of the worst hit locations: Cebu, Bantayan, Daanbantayan.

We need your help to reach thousands of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Please donate now.

Eyewitness Report From The Philippines


Above: Miles of devastation witnessed by the Muslim Hands Emergency Relief Team Photo by: Asim Lone/Muslim Hands

The impact of Typhoon Haiyan – one of the strongest storms ever to hit land – has been truly devastating. Thousands of people have lost their lives and families have been torn apart. 

Speaking from Daanbantayan the Northernmost tip of Cebu island, Muslim Hands Communications Manager, Asim Lone, described the scenes:

“The devastation is overwhelming  and on a scale never seen before. Roads to the area are hardly passable with trees and wreckage of houses lining the highway. Nearly all the houses and buildings are damaged, power lines down and there is no electricity in the entire municipality.

We’ve come across many families and what seems like whole communities, sitting by the side of the road holding up home-made placards displaying messages like “please we need food and water, and many similar messages. ”

We came across a family who were attempting to carry out repairs to their damaged home. Their house had in fact crashed into an electricity pole bringing it and its live cables to the floor.”

Out of the many thousands of people that we came across I can’t think of one that sat with his or head in hands. Everyone is doing what they can to piece their lives together. Whether it’s burning the wood debris that have fallen or trying to move fallen trees.

Overwhelming sadness has now been replaced by hope and inspiration. The need for life-saving emergency aid is huge. And with everyones help, we will reach thousands of the worst-affected people with life-saving supplies.”

Our team is doing all they can to access some of the worst-hit areas and reach survivors with much-needed aid. We urgently require funds to support this vital work.

Please donate generously.

Philippines Typhoon Appeal

blogTyphoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever to make landfall, ripped through the Philippines devastating the lives of more than 11 million people. The scale of the destruction is immense with more than 10,000 feared dead and hundreds of thousands forced from their homes.

Winds in excess of 200mph tore across the country and have left entire cities, towns and villages flattened. The destruction to roads and communication is widespread leaving many areas completely isolated and in desperate need of assistance.

The most urgent needs of survivors in the following days are food, water, shelter and basic medical supplies.

A Muslim Hands Emergency Response team from the UK are on the ground and working alongside staff in the region to coordinate and distribute direct aid to those affected by the disaster.

How you can help

Local teams on the ground have already begun distribution of essential items such as food, water, shelter and medicine. We urgently require funds to support this vital work.

Please donate now so we can help reach those who have been left homeless, hungry and at risk of disease.

The Big Drive: Award Winning Audio Diary

We have some great news to share with you this Tuesday morning with regards to our first ever Big Drive event which took place earlier this year.

The event saw a determined group of brave volunteers successfully drive a convoy of 25 refurbished ambulances from the UK through 8 countries to impoverished people in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Whilst on the 10 day journey, participant & MH team member Usman Lone kept an audio diary of his experiences for BBC Nottingham.

Alhamdulillah, the piece was awarded the bronze award for the best audio diary in local radio amidst 40 other entries at the BBC Local Radio Awards! Masha’Allah!

You can hear the award winning piece here:

May Allah (swt) reward all those who help the poor and needy immensely, ameen.